Ed Neidorf
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The Passion Project Files.

Ed Neidorf is an Entreprenuer that loves Film and Photography.

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Glad You're Here...

In 2016 I quit my job, It was shortly after my 28th birthday. I was making consistent money and I was even about to get a promotion. Everynight I came home asking myself, why? I was working my face off but I was unhappy. 

So, I left. I decided to become self employed. What I did wrong wasn't that I quit my job because that was the best decision I ever made. My entire life I've always had interests and passions like a lot of us do. However there were always a select few that stuck around.

What I did wrong was that I let fear and doubt cripple my belief and confidence, I never really gave my passions a chance, I just let fear win. When I left my job I made panic moves, I chose to chase money, which eventually led me to unhappiness yet again.

I neglected and ignored my actual interests and passions because I was afraid. I was afraid I couldn't make money doing them, I was afraid I couldn't do them at all, that I would suck.

Which led me here and I couldn't be happier. When you live your full truth, when you follow your dreams, you wont ever regret it. If you'd like to know more about me, click the button below.


“Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing”

Robin Williams

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I'm About This life




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“The truth is that finding happiness in what you do every day is so imperative” 

- Gary Vaynerchuck


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